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Community Partners

We are so very fortunate to be receiving an annual donation from a very generous couple who wishes to remain anonymous.  This donation is specifically given to us for the purpose of operating and maintaining an office/computer centre in Chuburná Puerto. 

The building, in the past, housed a community recycling service and is located on the property of Amira and Rubén who live next door.  They have given us free use of the building so we only pay for electricity and water.

The World School Group from Boston Massachusetts, US is a charitable organization founded and run by students.  They were our partners in construction of the computer center at the middle school, arriving on  August 11, 2013 10 computers, 7 laptops, 1 digital projector and smart board as well as 37,000 pesos in funding towards the 74,000 peso renovation.


The current partnership involves our maintenance and development of the computer centre which is supported by the World School reimbursing us for  related costs plus donations to our Tutoring Fund. 

Emerald Coast Solar is a local solar installation company that is committed to sharing their success with the communities they live and work in. As such, they have established their "Shining A Light On Our Communities" program whereby their clients can choose one of three local charities including the El Programa de Apoyo Escolar de Chuburná Puerto as a recipient of a donation made by Emerald Coast Solar.

Gary and Joanne Edwards from C-Quest Ministries,  Calle 29 #790 X 138 y 140


Gave us  11 gently used laptops to replace those which are no longer functioning at the office and school computer centres.

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