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Welcome to Chuburná Puerto School Support Program

A Brief History:   Believing that education was imperative for a better future for the students, Canadian Beverly Melchior, along with Americans Marta de Quesada and Nancy Draper, FOUNDED El Programa de Apoyo Escolar de Chuburná Puerto in 2009.  


From that time, the program has grown from concept to fact, starting with matching sponsors with 39 students in May, 2009; becoming a registered Mexican Charity on August 14, 2014, to current sponsorship of 106 students, grades 4-12, plus 17 university students by 106 sponsors. 

Our non-profit charity is overseen by a volunteer board of directors & supported by members of the international and mexican communities. 


Our Mission is to foster the education and well-being of school aged children (4th grade thru high school) in Chuburná Puerto, Yucatán, MX


Chuburná Puerto is a town of approximately 2,800 people, most of whom are under 18 years of age. Public school is not “free” in Mexico, because the students require uniforms, shoes, books, school supplies, high school registration and exam fees, plus transportation costs to attend high school.


Apoyo Program 1st students 8.22.2009

Apoyo Program 1st high school students 8.22.2009

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