Ways you can help in addition to/or instead of sponsoring a student:


STUDENT FUND: donations to this fund are collectively used to assist students, not currently in our program, who may miss an educational opportunity without  support.


GUST FUND: donations pay for student related expenses not covered by sponsorship fees; eye examinations, glasses, tutors, the development and maintenance of our computer centres available to Chuburná students.


DONATION FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Donations help us avoid having to raise the annual cost of sponsorship due to fluctuations in money exchange rates, additional supplies required by the students, and inflation.

Please use PayPal to make a donation. 

No PayPal account is required.

Eye exams and glasses​


Maintenance of computer center


School Supplies

Student Fund

$ 200.00 MX
$ 300.00 MX
$ 400.00 MX
$ 500.00 MX
$ 750.00 MX
$ 1000.00 MX
$ 1500.00 MX
$ 3000.00 MX
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