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Public school is not free in Mexico. The students require school and sport uniforms, shoes, books, school supplies, high school registration and exam fees, plus transportation to attend the high schools in Progreso.

The value of the financial support provided by the sponsors is:
2,000 pesos per year for students in primary school (grades 4-6)
2,700 pesos per year for students in middle school (grades 7-9)
3,700 pesos per year for students in high school (grades 10-12)

With these funds the program provides:
1) a backpack of school supplies as requested by the teachers. Our high school students decide between school supplies & text books, depending on which school they attend.

2) a uniform comprised of 2 skirts or 2 pants, 3 shirts, a pair of shoes, and a sports uniform for primary and middle school students.

3) high school registration fees.

Sponsor Primaria Student

(Primary grades: 4-6)- per year in pesos

$2,115 MX

(Please note: The extra $115 pesos is to cover the PayPal fees)

Sponsor Secundaria Student

(Middle school grades: 7-9)- per year in pesos

2,855 MX

(Please note: The extra $155 pesos is to cover the PayPal fees)

Sponsor Prepa Student

(High school grades: 10-12)- per year in pesos

3,910 MX

(Please note: The extra $210 pesos is to cover the PayPal fees)

If you want information about sponsoring one of our deserving students, please send us an e-mail by completing the information below. We will get back to you with information about our program and on how you can become a sponsor. 

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