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Chuburná Puerto School Support Program

El Programa de Apoyo Escolar de Chuburna Puerto A.C. is a registered Non-Profit Association supported by local Mexican residents and by members of the International Community. It is a NOT a Mexican government program.

Our Mission: To foster the education and well-being of school aged children (4th grade thru high school) in Chuburná Puerto, Yucatan Mexico. 

Our Vision: To lessen poverty through education

Our Belief: Education is the KEY to unlock all doors.  Making a difference in the life of a child will impact generations.  When we educate a child, we educate a family. Through education we are creating a lasting impact on a child’s life. 


1. Matches sponsors with deserving students whose academic grade point average is 8 or better and whose families have submitted an application including references from teachers or school principals. All applictions must have grades for each semester to keep the application current.  

2. Does not ask for financial information because we know in the village that financial circumstances are always changing. 

3. Generally considers applications by the date they were submitted.  However, sometimes sponsors request a student in a certain grade or because they are a girl or boy, or because they already have a relationship with that student and their family.  

Some of the 100 students currently sponsored through our Program


1. Potential families are interviewed to make sure the parents are willing participants in, and committed to, their children’s education. 

2. A family profile for each child is provided to their sponsor upon admission to the program.

3. Sponsorship funds are used to support the student’s ability to attend school. 

4. Families also contribute to the cost of their children’s education by paying for items such as, but not limited to, sports uniforms in prepa, exams, books, guides and transportation. 

5. Families place grades for each semester in the mailbox on the door of the Apoyo office.  All grades are sent to sponsors. 

6. Students strive to maintain a grade point average of 8 or better. 

Support from the Program ends with graduation from High School.  If a sponsor wishes to continue their support for further studies, that is a private matter between the student and his/her sponsor.

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