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Annual Report: HIGHLIGHTS 2016

Annual Meeting: ( January 6th )



6TH Annual Fashion Show, Boutique, Silent Auction & Raffle ( January 28th)


Special meetings: ( March)

Expense Review of what we give to the students from the sponsorship fees with the goal of not increasing the fees.

Fundraising Review to determine exactly how much we need & how we plan to raise it.


Board expands to welcome Eva Laroi May, a graduate of the Chuburna Puerto school system, local resident and Spanish speaker. ( March)


Official Opening of our Office ( April 8,)


Charitable Status Confirmed with opening of Banjercito Bank Account ( April)


18 New Sponsors/Students (April/May)


Financial Support to the Guadalupe Victoria Telesecundaria to pay for the installation of 3 reconditioned air conditioners the parents bought for the school  ( April, 2016)


Completed exit visits with 9 graduates with the program deciding to pay for their diplomas from the GUST fund. ( May)


Met with 17 students going to high school ( May-June)


Shopping for 102 backpacks, school supplies and making arrangements with the Uniform and Shoe Stores in Progreso. ( May-June)


Fund Review & Allocation (June)


Summer English Camp at the Office July 25 to August 12


Back Pack Day… handing out backpacks, school supplies and taking photos of students in their uniforms… August


Review of information 14 students shared with the sponsors in the annual letters students write to their sponsors that we also should be aware of.


2 New Sponsors/students (August)


Fundraiser Dinner.. Fall Fun at the Beach  (September)


Launch of our Website in English and Spanish (September)


Decision to donate 2,000 pesos annually in toilet paper to both the Primary and Secundary Schools.  ( October)


Glasses Policy defined (October)


Joint Fundraiser with the Yucatan Youth Orchestra ( November)


2 New Sponsors/Students  (November)


Website Inclusion of Spanish is complete (November)


2 New Sponsors/Students (December)


Tutoring is an option offered to Low Grades Students (December)


In 2016:


  • We held our Annual Meeting, 12 Board meetings, 3 Fashion Show meetings and 3 Special Meetings.   

  • We conducted an average of 8 Annual Home Visits per month and 2 low grades visits per month.

  • Translated an average of 3 letters per month between students & sponsors

  • 102 students received their photo in a frame.

  • 85 sponsors received a personalized acknowledgement of their annual fee payment along with their students graduating grade point average and any other information we had on the student.

  • 85 sponsor received the annual letter from their student including their school picture which we took.

  • 85 sponsors received an annual home visit report.

Annual Report: HIGHLIGHTS July 2, 2018 - June 30, 2019

Activities of   El Programa de Apoyo Escolar de Chuburná Puerto A.C.

School Year:  July 2, 2018 - June 30,  2019


More details on Facebook Page: Apoyo Escolar Chuburná Puerto

July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019                                



  • English Summer Camp  July 23 to Aug.10, 2018



  • Donated 119 uniforms to our program students

  • Donated school supplies to 119 program students

  • Annual Backpack Day August 18, 2018



  • Paid for uniforms and shoes for program students in escolta

  • Donated toilet paper, hand soap and feminine hygiene products to the primary & secondary schools

  • Reimbursed high school students for inscriptions and books

  • 27 annual home visits

  • 89 donors plus 11 university donors for 114 students plus 11 university students



  • English Classes October 6 to December 8

  • All letters from students to sponsors have been translated and emailed to sponsors

  • Annual local Charities Meeting



  • Paid for 63 sports uniforms for primary and secondary students

  • Annual Family Meeting



  • 115 students plus 11 university students



  • Fundraising Fashion Show: “Hurray for Hollywood”

  • English Classes for 12 weeks


  • Annual Meeting

  • Donation of glasses for 8 students to date



  • Decision to increase the high school fee to 3,700 pesos

  • Inscriptions were paid at Cobay and Cetmar high schools

  • Students were reimbursed for their books

  • 119 students plus 11 university students

  • Grades will be available 3 times a year.. Sept-Dec, Jan-March, April-June starting Sept. 2019 }

  • 7 low grade visits

  • Grades sent to sponsors

  • Emerald Coast donation



  • Donations collected from sponsors and factures issued



  • Purchase of backpacks for 109 students for the 2019-20 school year:

  • Reimbursement of high school exams for 15 students: 

  • Tinkey Trust Fund Donation received: 

  • Annual Family Meeting with parents of students in the program

  • English class for 4 weeks

  • Participated in Primary school Awards Day



  • Attended primary and secondary school graduations as honored guests

  • 17 high school graduates with 15 going to college

Annual Report: HIGHLIGHTS July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020

Activities of   El Programa de Apoyo Escolar de Chuburná Puerto A.C.

School Year: July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020


More details on Facebook Page: Apoyo Escolar Chuburná Puerto

July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020                                



  • Paid COBAY and CETMAR inscriptions directly to the schools:

  • English Summer Camp



  • Donated 109 uniforms to our program students:

  • Donated school supplies to 109 program students

  • Annual Backpack Day 24, 2019

  • Val Dnauta is setting up school year  to include the student balances, sponsor fee payments and school related expenses



  • Donated uniforms and shoes for program students in escolta

  • Donated toilet paper, hand soap and feminine hygiene products to the primary and secondary schools.

  • Translated letters from students sent to their sponsors

  • Reimbursed high school students for their books



  • English classes of  two  groups: beginners and advanced

  • Money moved from PayPal into Banjercito account for purchase of 10 new computers for student homework



  • Bank statements from the World School and Tinkey Trust submitted to Banjercito

  • Change of directors on hold until we find replacements

  • Jennifer Moore has agreed to take on the Treasurer Role

  • Maxine Newmark will manage the grades and solicitudes

  • We participated in the Welcome to Expats Event held by the local municipal and state governments

  • Paid for the sports uniforms for primary and secondary students


January                    ​

  • Assign 135,000 pesos to expand two classrooms at the Salvador Alvarado School

  • Fundraising Fashion Show:  Celebrando 10 Años en Yucatan with special guests, Municipal Director of Tourism, Manuel Rosado, Comisario de Chuburna Puerto, Damian Cab and his wife Maria, Lawyer Mauricio Rojano and wife, Director Martin Gamboa of Primaria Salvador Alvarado y the Sub-Director of DIF.


February                  ​

  • Paid COBAY & CETMAR inscriptions directly to the schools

  • Paid for books to COBAY directly

  • 113 students plus 9 university students: 103 sponsors

  • Review of our Policies and Procedures Document

  • Lawyer Mauricio Rojano will work with us to revise our ACTA to reflect retiring and current directors

  • Annual Meeting

  • English Classes resume both at the office and at the Tele Secundaria

  • Failing grades student visits

  • Tutoring is going well with local education student Jesus Caamel Ek



  • 5 new students for next school year  2020-21

  • Grades sent to all sponsors

  • Tutoring is now available to students with failing grades and to those who want to improve their grades

  • Construction has begun at the Primary School Salvador Alvarado with a 135,000 pesos budget

  • Our Program and work of President Dorothy Kaytor was recognized by Mayor Julian Zacarias along with other charities at City Hall on March 11, 2020

  • Fashion Show debrief meeting

  • Plans to for the Annual Clothing Sale in the village with the proceeds this year to the Parent Associations at both schools .

  • Donation of toilet paper, hand soap and sanitary napkins to both schools.

  • Meetings with Directors Sergio Duran, Guadalupe Victoria Tele Secundaria and Martin Gamboa, Salvador Alvarado Primaria about potential students and projects

  • Program paid for the combie to take the Escolta students from Guadalupe Victoria and their chaperone to an event in Merida honoring these groups.

  • Still waiting for TelMex to keep an appointment for improved internet at the office.}


NOTE: Schools have closed due to the Corona-Virus Pandemic. Sponsors offered to help their students and  families with food as there is no work.


  • Sponsors sent money to us via PayPal which was deposited into our Banjercito account and factures issued.

  • Donors also gave us money which was used to offset the PayPal fees so families received all the money sent by sponsors.


  • Money from the sponsors and the program was distributed to 125 students representing 100 families via our petty cash.

  • Petty Cash cheques will be written each month from the Banjercito account as per instructions from our accountant, Xany Mercedes Chavarrpa Quintal of Fistax Contadores

  • Donation received from World School for Tutoring and factura issued

  • Construction continues at the Primary School



  • Money distributed to students and families for high school entrance exams

  • Donation made to Chuburna/Chelem Food Bank for  96 dispenses.

  • Requests are made to sponsors for sponsorship donations for the 2020-21 school year

  • Backpacks and pencil cases are purchased

  • 12 students graduating from primary to secundaria; 12 students graduating from secundaria to high school; 19 graduates from high school

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